Mar Kuriakose

Our Guiding Light & Inspiration

Mar Kuriakose is an infant martyr of unmatched glory.He received martrydom at the tender age of three,along with his devout mother Yulithy,in the year 303 AD at seleucia in Syria.


We hope to build up the complete man,intellectually enlightened,spiritually oriented,emotionally mature,culturally refined,healthy in mind and body,socially motivated,basically patriotic and globally committed.


Mar Kuriakose College provides postgraduate & undergraduate degree courses in Arts & Science. Driven by the motto,
"Committed to Excellence,In pursuit of Truth."
MarK is a seat of learning where the campus is built around the students, nurturing them and preparing them to lead their individual quest for excellence.


The college is managed by Divine Educational and Charitable Trust,Puthuvely.We are committed to ensure quality education in job oriented courses.We believe in the essential goodness and inherent potentials of youth and hope to bring the best out of them by imparting the sort of training that keeps abreast of time.

Principal’s Message

From Principal's Desk

I believe that education is an effective medium of social transformation.
Education plays a key role in the overall development of the society. The true goal of education transcends much beyond just awarding degree and certificate to the students.  Education is the perfect weapon of good culture and social well being . It energizes a society and enables a man to earn his bread and butter..

I am highly elated and therefore proudly place on declare that Mar Kuriakose Arts and Science College, the "brain child" of its founder Chairman Issac George the great visionary, has found it's shape and structure today. He has been nursing this dream in his bosom for more than a decade to transform a small college into a vast and spacious  one. The wings are now fully spread out to soar high under the guidance of the Chairman Ajay Baby Varghese with eminent staff and diligent students. No doubt, this glorious institution would attain dizzy heights in the days to come.

In order to accomplish the vision of the college , we are prepared to take as much effort as possible for the betterment of academics in the State.

Mar Kuriakose Arts and Science college, aims at steady growth in the quality of all academic activities with a sense of commitment to fully meet the expectations of the students, parents and society at large.

Our college cares for the individual development of each and every student. We follow “mentor system” under which each class is put into the multi-pronged web of a teacher. We accord prime importance to the behavioral discipline, moral integrity and cognitive developments of our students. Education in rural area is associated with employment as it ensures a positive attitude to see the universe from better angle and to analyze, determine and apply an individuals idea in a constructive development of society. Social services such as NSS, Career Guidance Cell, Placement Assurance, Soft skill Development programs, Nature clubs, English language Development programs etc. offer integrated services for the multi –facetted developments of our students. Our teachers strive to teach not only academic programs but also life skills needed for students’ self development with highly resourceful faculty.We are going to start more P.G. and UG Courses in Science & Arts in the upcoming session. 

I wish prosperity to all those who contribute to the noble task of ensuring academic excellence to the legions of students and be the beacon holder.


Shincy Joy

Our Courses

Mar Kuriakose College provides job oriented courses as well as courses that permit vertical mobility. Presently we offer B.Com,BCA and M.Com . Adequate industrial exposure is guaranteed to each student, unlike traditional colleges where students are required to get glued to their text books, here at MarK, students are encouraged and guided to get a first hand experience of how the commercial world works.

The College Offers The Following Courses:

  • BCA
  • B.COM (TAX)

Mark Rules

  1. Admission is open to all candidates without distinctions of cast or creed.
  2. During the admission the candidate should be accompanied by the Parent/Guardian who will be responsible for him/her.
  3. In all admission,50% of the seats will be filled in on the basis of merit by M.G University and the remaining 50% will be filled in by the management.
  1. Punctuality is an essential part of education and the students are expected to be in the class before the morning bell. You shall devotedly participate in the Morning Prayer. After the bells before each class hour you shall enter the class immediately and get seated in your place.
  2. Attendance will be taken at the starting of each period and leave application form duly signed by the Parent, Class mentor, Principal and the student has to be presented by the absentees of the previous day/days.
  3. Those who came late may be given or receive permission to attend the class of the discretion of the teacher concerned.
  4. Leave of absence shall be obtained in advance. Leave even for the part of the Day will be granted only on the written application.Students shall not leave the college campus without permission before the classes are over.
  5. Those without uniform, leave application etc. will not be permitted to remain in the class.
  6. An atmosphere of study should be maintained in the campus. Students should keep silence in the College building during the class hours.
  7. Students must appear for the IAEs and model examinations without fail.
  8. Students are expected to submit the assignments and conduct the seminars with due earnestness.
  9. They should keep the classrooms, corridors and the premises clean.
  10. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their materials.
  11. Every student should conform to the highest standards of courtesy, decency and dignity in their behavior and decorum.
  12. Students shall not bring to the College, Cinema magazines and such other books/publications.
  13. It is prohibited to conduct meetings, collect money or distribute notices in the College campus without the prior permission of the Principal.
  14. Students shall adhere to the lab timings correctly. No floppies/CDs/Pen drives shall be brought to the lab without permission.
  15. Smoking and drinking intoxicants and the consumption of drugs are strictly prohibited within the college and in the college Campus. Students shall not consume any type of intoxicants.
  16. Students are to bring their parents to the college if requested by the authorities.
  17. Students showing disobedience and disrespect to the management and the staff members are liable to be dismissed.
  18. Students shall not enter other classrooms without the permission of the Principal/Teachers.
  19. The class will be held from 10 am to 1 pm and 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm.
  20. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones in the campus.
  21. English is the campus language of the college.
  22. All teachers in the college, irrespective of class or department are entitled to take disciplinary action against any student of this college.
  23. All students shall adhere to the dress code prescribed by the college.
  24. Those students who could not secure the required percentage of attendance will not be eligible to appear for the University examinations and promotions.
  25. Students are not allowed to write or draw on the walls and furniture. Any damage made to the property of the college will have to be compensated. If the culprit cannot be detected the concerned class/group or all the students may be imposed a fine. The punishment is without prejudice to the liability of the delinquent student for prosecution under the Provisions of the Indian Penal Code or under the provisions of the Prevention of Damage to Public Properties Act.
  26. As per the ruling of the High Court dated 17.03.2003 all types of political activities in the college campus has been banned. Therefore, the students are not allowed to take part in any political agitations or demonstrations.
  27. Ragging of any kind is banned in this college. If any incident occurred it will immediately be reported the police and the students involved will summarily be dismissed from the college.
  28. Students shall not indulge or stage in any activity like Dharna, Gherao, and obstructing entry to and from any class room, office, hall or places inside the campus.
  29. No student of the college shall shout slogans inside the campus and interfere or cause disturbance to the functioning of the college.
  30. Grievances of the students hall be brought to the notice of the Principal.
  31. In all cases of disputes the decision of the Principal (Management) will be final.
“MarK” Library:

The Library, functioning here as an information disseminating centre catering to the needs of students and staff community, has a major role in paving the way for better academic excellence. As the library, by all means, is a place of serious study, the members should abide by a code of conduct inside the library so as to maintain a conducive atmosphere. The Library will be open on all working days.

  1. Only the staff and students of the college are members of the library. Students coming to the library should show, if demanded, their identity cards to the library staff without which library services may be refused to them.
  2. An atmosphere of perfect silence and studious aura should prevail in the library.
  3. Books, files and other personal materials should not be taken into the library. Paper or notebooks may be taken inside the library. They have to leave their personal belongings in the property counter at the entrance.
  4. All the issued books shall be returned on the date marked on the due date label found in the back page of the book, failure of which will fetch a fine of Rs.l/- per day for the next 14 days and thereafter the fine will be doubled.
  5. Readers will be responsible for any damage caused to the books. Pencil marks, ink-stain etc. made in a book will be treated as damage. A student who damages a book shall be fined in proportion to the damage. If the book is already damaged at the time of issue, it should be reported to the library staff before the issue of book.
  6. In case of loss of a book, the borrower shall replace the book. If the replacement is not done within 15 days, the defaulter will be charged two times the cost of the book if the book is in print or three times the cost if the book is out of print. However, the Librarian has the discretionary power to take the final decision. If a multi-volume set is damaged or lost the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole, set or pay the cost of the entire set in that series.
  7. The Librarian has the right to recall any book on loan and cancel any reservation at any time.
  8. Reference books, Journals, Magazines and student dissertations are not issued to students for outside reference.
  9. Members are not allowed to sub-lend the books issued to them.
  10. All books should be returned before the commencement of the vacation.
  11. Upon any infringement of the library rules members shall forfeit the privileges of membership of the library.
  12. Absence from the college for any reason will not be an excuse for not returning the book in time.
Parent-Teacher Association:
  1. All parents are requested to attend the Parent-Teacher meetings without fail.
  2. Parents shall meet the Principal and Teachers at least once in a semester and as and when requested. This is an opportunity for the parents to evaluate the study and conduct of their children.
  3. Parents shall sign the Progress Report, Leave Application Form and other necessary documents.
  4. Parents shall see that their son/daughter abide by the rules and regulations of the College.
College Campus:
  1. Students are expected to wear full uniform except Wednesday in the campus and not in the college building alone.
  2. Tags are compulsory for all days.
  3. The tags should be well displayed and not to be inserted in the pocket.
  4. If the student fails to obey the above two, he/she is liable to be fined each time.
  5. As per the University orders students are not permitted to use mobile phones in the campus during the whole day (24 hours).
  6. English is the campus language. All communications in the campus shall be in English.
  7. All the teachers in the college, irrespective of class or department are entitled to take disciplinary action against any student of this college.
Availing Leave
  1. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period by the teacher engaging the class.
  2. Attendance will not be given to the students who report after the commencement of the class. However students who require leave in such cases ie for a particular period may be granted such leave by the teacher concerned.
  3. Application for leave for more than one period may be made to the principal in the presented form duly signed by the parent and the class mentor.
  4. The written application for leave signed by the parent shall be presented to the class mentor first and then to the Principal for grant of permission of leave.
  5. If you are unable to present the written application due to sickness or other emergency cases, the same shall be informed to the Class Mentor before the classes start.
  6. Leave application form duly filled in shall be submitted to the Class mentor and then to the Principal before 9.30 am.
  7. Medical certificates should be submitted to the class mentor along with the leave application form. Late submission of medical certificates will not be accepted.
  8. Attendance will be taken during each hour and internal marks will be calculated accordingly.
Suspension / Dismissal
  1. Discipline is integral to education and irregular attendance, habitual disobedience, disrespecting the teachers and visitors, harassing or manhandling other students, dishonesty, laziness; breaches of discipline or conduct detrimental to the morale of the Institution are sufficient reasons for the suspension or dismissal of the student.